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Africa Multi-Effect Cleaner

Natural source of antioxidants – Cleaning – Anti-wrinkle

Africa Mask

Natural Skin Rejuvenating

Africa Skin Optimizer

Natural Rejuvenating Cream

Africa Skin Renew Toner

Skin Conditioning – Sooting

Africa Botanical Eye Cream

Lifting, firming, anti-wrinkle

Africa Baobab Oil Essence

Nutritious – Moisturizer Oil

Africa Anti-acne Cream

Anti-inflammatory – Skin regeneration

The Concept

It is surprising that people have never queried why African women have such beautiful skin. One extraordinary and passionate man has done it and has found the answer - an ancient knowledge.

Crossing our path with him was a coincidence but we formed a spiritual bond of friendship that will last forever. Our mutual will is nothing less than sharing this beauty secret of African women with the world.

We are very grateful for this opportunity.

Now we have a very workable skin rejuvenating concept that one just needs to avail oneself of.

Use it and you too will have natural beauty

Our Philosophy

It is not part of our goal to start another fashion trend in the cosmetic industry we only want to get the treasures of nature into the hands of our customers through our exclusive products.

It is part of our goal to relentlessly protect our environment and those living in it so we dedicate ourselves to sustainable harvesting.

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Vel Gaaf Philosophy

Magic comes true... naturally

Imagine an all-natural, active botanical agent truly capable of diminishing the depth of your wrinkles within 30 minutes.

Impossible? No.

Just because you have not yet heard of it, does not mean it does not exist. Nature has provided us with this miracle which has been used for ages by East African tribes. Now it is available to you!

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